Myspace Holiday

Hillary Clinton’s Gas tax holiday has inspired me to take a “make-believe” holiday of my own. For the next week I’m not going to check my Myspace page.

Yes… not once.

Not even to view pictures or send a message.

If I have to, I’ll use old-fashion email. (gasp!!!)

This holiday isn’t going to save me any money. I’m not going to get extra rest out of it.

Like the gas tax holiday, it’s really just for show. I just want to see if I can survive a whole week without reading someone’s blog or posting a bulletin to my own.

There are people who aren’t on myspace, or even facebook, and they do just fine.

If they can do it, I can do it.

Think of all that time I will have at my disposal now, how focused I’ll be.

I think I’ll go out and clean the L.A River. Or write that novel I’ve been planning. Or plant a forest. Or donate my free time at a retirement home now. Maybe, I’ll try to get Bush impeached now.

I think everything is going to work out just fine…

Global Warming, I’m coming after you.

DISCLAIMER: This is bullshit. I can’t quit Myspace for a day, much less a week.

Carry on.


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