Waiting for Obama

I’m at work but there’s nothing going on so I decide to kill some time the usual way, surfing the endless summer of the Internet. That’s usually a good way to waste an hour or two.

I’m flipping through the news while dawn’s shapes and colors change into morning and brightness, while I’m waiting for something to happen.

I come across this picture of a spiral galaxy, known as the Sombrero Galaxy. It shows me, if pictures are worth a thousand words these words be a few of them, that life is an elegant question mark — we’re just now trying to jump from the period at the bottom to the hooked line above.


With my mind not yet fully blown, I travel back to Earth, to the North Pole, where the Norwegians are building something strange in the snow. It seems their government is putting together a seed vault for the purpose of restarting civilization if things continue to get much worse.

Norway has launched its “Noah’s Ark” of the plant kingdom, an underground vault built to protect millions of crop seeds from climate change, wars and natural disasters.

Which reminds me, I filled up my tank on the way to work today and the bloody price of a gallon was $3.69. I’m lucky I have a smallish/gas-efficient-ish car.I can afford the jump in price, but it still will send our economy sputtering some more.

Every day the news gets a little worse.

Eight soldiers died yesterday in Iraq; for their families, the news definitely got worse. As much as Republicans would like us to forget, or not care, we’re still over there getting shot at, bombed, threatened, and more. The SURGE IS NOT A SUCCESS. We’ve paid for the decrease in violence with bribes, but you can’t buy off every enemy.

Iraq is an open sore, festering and pussy, that we’ve merely covered with a band-aid: the surge. At some point the band aid comes off, and then what?

Right now we’re in desperate need of a hero in a cape to show up and save the day, and since that won’t happen the next best thing is a leader we can believe in, a captain who’ll steer us through the turbulence without the doublespeak, the politics-as-usual bullshit.

Like Pepsi, Barack Obama is the choice of a new generation.

He is someone like us: a child of moderate circumstance, far from privilege, lived in different places of the world, his background is a combination of various cultures, religion, and races. He is a mutt, just like a vast number of us, making him supremely “American”.

He grew up in the 70’s. In Hawaii. He went back to graduate school after some time in the real world. He shoots hoops.

He is a regular guy, but with immeasurable acumen and potential for greatness.

Obama is a leader for our times.

Unless, of course, you think that marital connections and name recognition make a leader. Like how Hillary “led” on Iraq by by giving George Bush the power to launch a unilateral attack on the country without peep or protest. Or her “experience” of being first lady; (all except for the adultery – which she would like us to forget) helping her husband push through NAFTA, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and doing zero on renewable energy while there was still time to head off a coming crises. While the Republicans were destroying the nation, Hillary was plotting how to become president, so much so that she missed the whole point, which is to inspire and lead us, not just how to learn to navigate D.C with the proper protocol and backscratching so you can claim the mantle of “experience” while running for higher office.

If Hillary Clinton thinks she is going to steal this nomination from Barack and still win the votes of every loyal democrat she is in for a shock. Already I’ve spoken with a few ardent Democrats who are expressing revulsion at the prospect of a brokered convention and have uttered those dreaded words, “I will not vote for Hillary no matter what!”

I’m not there yet, I don’t want to see a President McCain, not if I can help it.

I will fight tooth and nail to see President Obama become reality. Tirelessly. Passionately. Steadfastly.

I will simply pull the lever for Hillary.

That’s it. A mechanical motion without any other real option.

I want to believe in this country again. I want to believe in the American Dream. There’s only one candidate that can pull us together again. That symbolizes that specialness we find enthralling in our political figures.

Not John ‘100 years in Iraq’ McCain. Not Hillary ‘speeches are just words’ Clinton.

That person is Barack Obama.

This is our time to take over the wheel, tell Mom and Grandpa to rest for awhile, they’ve done enough. It’s our turn to drive.


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