McCain and Castro: Can’t Get Enough Of That Good-Old Cold War

It’s looking more and more like Barack Obama vs. John McCain. A choice between a fresh approach to solving our problems and a stubborn, static view of the world.

Idealism vs. Curmudgeonism.

Not to beat a dead meme, but Barack is the future; whereas McCain is an actual living relic and, politically, doesn’t offer anything new.

Not surprisingly, since Fidel Castro resigned as President of Cuba, the politics of dealing with Havana has emerged as the tropical topic of the presidential campaign. Supposedly Barack Obama lost some Cuban-Americans when he stated in last Thursday’s debate that he would talk to the next leader of Cuba.

From The Kansas City Star:

Asked at Thursday’s debate in Texas whether he’d meet with Raul Castro, his brother’s likely successor, Obama said he would. “I do think that it’s important for the United States not just to talk to its friends, but also to talk to its enemies,” he said. “That’s where diplomacy makes the biggest difference.”

This is one of those moments where my admiration for Obama grows, and I’m even more steadfastly determined to work towards his victory in November. The pundits say talking to Raul Castro is naive. Pfft! I say it’s wise, shows he holds a humane view on a tired situation, a silly stalemate that has gone on too long, to no ones gain but Fidel who usurped the tension and embargo for power.

It also shows that Obama has, not only beliefs informed by reason and logic, but the will and brass balls to put those beliefs out on the table.

He might risk losing some votes in South Florida with a comment like this, but I believe he wins the hearts and minds of those Americans that are sick of the arrogance and superiority complex of Republican administrations. Americans who aren’t obsessed with the Cold War, and bitter that our exploding cigars couldn’t pull off what Mother Nature is now taking care of… as she will with us all.

Barack wrote an essay not long ago endorsing the idea of allowing families to visit the island and send money back home.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

From CNN:

The debate was stirred Tuesday by an op-ed essay Sen. Barack Obama wrote for the Miami Herald. In it, he called for the lifting of two Bush administration restrictions on Cuban-Americans. Obama wrote that he would grant Cuban-Americans “unrestricted rights to visit family and send remittances to the island.”

It’s not to the levels I would endorse but it’s a start. Why, in the year 2008, are we still Cold War partying like it’s 1958?

There is no way we should let China make all our Barbies and Mardi Gras beads, shipping them lead-filled from Beijing to the Wal-Marts in Springfield, Missouri and exploiting their huge population for dirt cheap labor while production has all but evaporated in the heartland; and meanwhile, ignore and demonize the small island country swaying in the Caribbean breeze to our south.

Are the Chinese any less free? Any more Democratic?

I’m of the opinion we should normalize relations at least to the point of China, not necessarily sending the Olympics to Havana, (which China’s hosting it completely tarnishes everything they stand for, Human Rights, International Cooperation, the value of Individual pursuits) but at least allowing tourism, trade, and shared technologies to raise the standard of living in both our countries by ending the embargo.

I mean, isn’t that the purpose of this whole Globalization thing?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, we get more Alpha Male posturing and wannabe Reaganism, McCain trying to out-chest thump Chuck Norris by wishing death on Castro. I guess the old man just wants to prove how tough he still is.

From the AFP:

“Fidel Castro announced that he would not remain as president — whatever that means,” McCain said in Indianapolis.

“And I hope that he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon.”

Imagine the fury, the absolute Nationalist pride that would spew forth should Hugo Chavez, or big, bad Fidel himself make such a comment about our Commander in Chief, cheering for his or her demise.

Not very presidential at all, not very Episcopalian, or Baptist — or whatever you are — of you, John “I’m a man of integrity” McCain. I’ve always associated Integrity with Class, but I guess not in the “Maverick’s” case.

Now you know why the rest of the world is just a wee bit tired of us.

McCain really went off the deep end, in my eyes, and caused me to “air quote” whenever I speak of him, when he said he would accept the political advice of a turd blossom, even after that turd blossom fouled up his campaign in 00′ with the ugliest kind of of turd blossom smear, playing to people’s racism like Mark Richards doing stand up at the Laugh Factory.

From your friends at Fox News:

Seattle, WA – Maintaining that he does not hold any grudges from the 2000 GOP nomination fight, John McCain says that Karl Rove’s help and advice is welcome aboard the Straight Talk Express.

One day after Rove, a former senior aide to President Bush and architect of the 2000 and 2004 victories, donated $2,300 to McCain’s campaign, the presumptive nominee said Friday aboard his campaign plane that he is open Rove’s support in this year’s election.

“Nobody denies that he is one of the smartest political minds in America. I’d be glad to have him give us advice,” McCain said, joking that “saw the moths fly out” of Rove’s wallet upon receiving the donation.

Ha. Ha. Isn’t John hilarious?

I close my eyes and can picture this commercial in the Fall.

[Mumble-y Speak] “My friends, I offer you more of the same crude rhetoric, a continuation of George Bush’s pebble-brained policies, and – if I live long enough – four more years of a President who has admitted to not knowing squat about the economy.

Vote for me, because you hate Democrats.”

Of course, John McCain wouldn’t be saying that exactly, (Republicans have a hard time telling the truth) but honking his bugle about terrorists and big government/small government, (which side are the Republicans on again?) and tax cuts hooray!

The same-old, same old shit.

I can’t wait to get this debate on.

We stand at a fork, the road heading in two opposite directions, the way forward or the way we came. How often do we get such a clear opportunity to chose the right path?

When it comes to War and Health Care and the Environment, not only in Iraq and possibly Iran, but in Cuba too, even here at home, in Los Angeles and Youngstown and New Orleans; there are mothers and fathers and children counting on us to make the right call this November, their health and their lives on the line, to them Hope is very well more than a word.

And the deal is, and Obama says this all the time; it’s not only about him, for true change to happen it has to be about us.

Barack Obama’s Website.


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