Happy New Year’s (Beautiful Children of Hope)

Raise your glasses to the passing of 2007, what a pissa of a year you were!

2007 feels like the year where we-as-a-people realized we were fucked…

Al Gore helped point it out. Of course, George Bush did his part conveying that feeling too. Even the tarnishing of Roger Clemons reminded us that our actions will catch up to us.

There’s a swirling mass of plastic debris in the Pacific with our name on it.

The dollar keeps dropping lower and lower, I think it’s trying to out-limbo a contortionist.

The economy is in such shabby state even some illegal aliens are bailing back home.

The culture was infected by the viral degradation of 2 girls 1 cup.

But tonight is not the night for laments and belly-aching.

It’s the night to get drunk!

It’s the night to kiss your loved-one passionately, and clumsily.

It’s the night to make bold Emperor Nortonian proclamations in the kitchen while spilling champagne.

It’s the night to take too many pictures that come out red-eyed and foolish.

Story of my life, huh?

It’s almost New Year’s in New York, I feel a dance-a-thon coming on..

Somebody put on some music and clear out the tables.

As bad as 2007 was, it’s over, it’s done, we can turn the next one into something better.

I guess that’s what we’re all celebrating — the chance to start over again.

We’re all beautiful children of hope tonight.


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