Farmers Markets

At around 7:00 o’clock my bladder woke me and instead of sliding back to bed after fixing that little problem I put on my shoes and and burst out into the morning.

Mornings are rare in my world.

I did something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now. I ventured over to the Studio City farmers market. There’s something about buying your produce directly from the growers that has always appealed to me. You know it’s fresher, it leaves a smaller carbon footprint, and you’re helping small businesses survive.

I picked up some honey, a vintage-looking western t-shirt, fragrant misty blue flowers for my wife to wake to, and some fresh blueberry bread.

There was plenty more that I wanted to get but my hands were full and I took that as a sign I should quit while I’m ahead. There’s always next Sunday.

Afterwards I hit up Armstrong Nursery for the rest of my plants that I needed. Home by 9:30, not a bad start to my day.

I don’t get to experience mornings often because of my work schedule and being a night owl, but when I do I don’t let it go to waste, I grab that sucker by the horns and bring it down into the dust where I tie up its legs and spring to my feet with both hands triumphantly extended in the air.

There’s not too much point to this morning’s post. I just felt inspired to share. The morning is such a special time; a time of quiet solitude, basking in the cool relief before a hot August day. Walking pleasantly with my hands clasped behind my back, I felt like I was at church, smiling at people, nodding mornin’ to the vendors….

What is it about food displayed out in the open that is so reassuring?

I guess, in some sense, it connects us to our roots. Before Vons, and Jons, and certainly before Gelsons; back in the day, open air markets were the benchmarks of civilization, it meant survival. Now, they’re for yuppies and hippies and me.

I noticed a lot of babies in strollers, that too is reassuring. Food and offspring and money changing hands; all you need to know about life on planet earth you can learn at a Sunday farmers market.

Happy weekend, all.


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