New Okkervil River

The new Okkervil River CD, The Stage Names, has really been a fixture in my stereo as of late. If I played vinyl the grooves would have broken through the bottom of the record by now.

Check out their Pitchfork review.

It’s the type of music to fall in love to, or to listen to on a lazy Sunday out on the porch, or late night after a good emotional bout with the bottle. There’s a timelessness to the album that instantly makes this a classic. Conceptual yet… not. Romantic and pessimistic and forlorn and dangerously hopeful.

It’s kinda country, kinda indie, kinda folk. Lyrically sharp, musically loose – it’s an amazing album of seamless contradiction.

My favorite tune is A Girl In Port, with one of the most beautiful choruses to grace my ears in quite a while.

Let fall your soft and swaying skirt.
Let fall your shoes. Let fall youir shirt.
I’m not the ladykilling sort
enough to hurt a girl in port.

Check out their myspace page to listen to the album for free while you can.

Okkervil is playing the Troubadour on Sept. 4th. If anyone wants to accompany me to the show, let me know. I’ll be the guy in front with a checker shirt and a pabst blue ribbon singing along off-key.

From You Can’t Hold the Hand of a Rock and Roll Man

This week’s fast as last week’s flash of interstate,
when you starved and never ate
This week’s splashed a sick, gold cast across your face,
as you roam on silk, ripped tippy-toe alone through Silverlake
— splayed astride a snow-white mare, on a non-stop all-night tear.

Support good music. See them live. Sept 4th. Troubadour. With me.


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