God in L.A.?

I think God has forsaken L.A.

That’s okay, He doesn’t really fit in around here anyway. Don’t bother looking, He’s not on any of those star maps either.

There was a wild river that was the lifeblood for the Native Americans in this area for hundreds of years before we came along and sealed it in cement, at least we had the decency to kick the Native Americans out before we did that.

It now looks like this.

There were creeks everywhere too, now they’re just the names of our streets.

One day, far, far from now, some form of people will study our graffiti like ancient Sanskrit, trying to deduce the meaning of our religion, our way of life.

In this scenario, taggers will become unlikely Gods.

On my quest to find religion in L.A. I come across the question:

Is it possible to worship a sewar?


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