Water, Fire, and Ice

One thing that I do, and I don’t understand why I do it but I can’t seem to break the cycle, is to wash a water glass after drinking from it only once.

It doesn’t make sense.

We take a clean glass. Put water in it. Sip from it. Rinse it out with… water. Then put it in the dishwasher to blast it with soap and… water.

Are our lips that disgusting?

And I’ve always wondered why they put fire escape routes in braille on a little plaque on the wall that a blind person would never be able to locate under the duress of an emergency.

Shouldn’t they have recorded audio messages alerting the blind where the stairways are and to not take the elevator? Wouldn’t that be smarter?

Someone expects them to run their fingers along the wall untill they find the plaque and read the message in braille while the building is burning down?

I had a Humboldt Creamery flavored ice bar last night.

On the wrapper it read 0% daily recommendation of everything, except carbs, which were 8%. It was just ice anyway so I wasn’t expecting anything too nutritious. It was lemon-lime, so I was expecting sweet and tart.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

It was just funny to see zeroes across the board.

And I had to ask myself: why the hell I’m putting that into my stomach?


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