Up North

Artofstarving took a break. Went up north for a little visit.
Here’s some snippets of the trip. Digitally altered, of course.

This is the Big Sur river.

In that same body of water I watched a mama duck lead five babies upstream one morning, keeping a tenderly rigid line as they passed my friend and I without glancing over, carefully ignoring our presence.

The next day when I walked down to the river bank I saw the same duck, at least it looked like the same mama duck, but maybe it wasn’t. I hope it wasn’t.

There were only two baby ducks with her this time.

This is a poem I wrote when I got back to LA. It’s not very good but I don’t care.

The bark of a fallen tree.

Sitting in the dark around a campfire. Probably telling ghost stories or something. Staring at the fire. Truth be told, the ghosts were probably telling stories about us.

San Francisco. What the city looks like from a cab at 1:15am when you’ve drank a six dollar bottle of wine too fast speed-chatting with your friends about what’s changed in your lives, but mostly about all the things that haven’t.

The Panhandle. After Bay 2 Breakers.


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