Modest Mouse is Number #1

Modest Mouse is number one.

Now it’s not just a fanboy chant from yours truly, but a goddamn honest-to-god fact. In a sign that the apocalypse is right around the corner Modest Mouse entered the Billboard 200 this week as numero uno. King of the hill. Top dog. Er, top Mouse I guess.

Of course, they won’t be up there long, I’m sure some crappy pop singer will come along and sell out every Best Buy in Des Moines pretty soon, but for now I’m relishing this moment. There was a time when I was walking around the snows and boozy salloons of Boston with The Moon and Antartica in my headphones, feeling like the world was the coldest and loneliest planet in the universe, and I swear that Issac saved my life that year by agreeing with me.

Even though I own a free copy of We Were Dead Before We Even Knew It already, I owe it to him to head down to Freaky Beat records and pick up a copy, hopefully helping keep them on top of the charts.

You know, Dashboard is even growing on me. It might be one of my favorite Modest Mouse tunes of all time believe it or not – anytime you can dance to lyrics like these it’s gotta be a damn good time:

Hard-wired to concieve, so much we’d have to stow it
Even needs have needs, tiny giants made of tinier giants.
Don’t wear eyelids so I don’t miss the last laugh of this show.

The wife and I have tickets for the Greek, we’re geeked for it.

So what has changed in the world since no one knew what the hell I was talking about to now, when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen claim them as one of their favorite band?

I think the world is finally as fed up with the circumstances and institutions of our existence, (God, Government, Stupid people) as I was around 2000. As Issac was when he wrote:

I wanna live in a city with no friends or family
I’m gonna look out the window of my color T.V.
I wanna remember to remember to forget you forgot me

S o Issac can probably thank two people for this success.

1. Johnny Mar, of course.
2. George Bush.

I’ll leave you with my favorite verse on the album and encourage you to pick up a copy.

Oh, well lesson dance
And shoot to god
A storm-suffered owl
You’re not invisible inside your car
No matter what stupid sort of mission you’re on
Well, you’re not invisible inside your car

I go absolutely mental
Good ramblin’ George
Well, you’re not invisible inside your car
No matter, you could breathe it like your flies in a jar
Yeah, you’re not invisible

Now you know where a line like “life looks aflame from afar, but close up it’s just fireflies in a jar”.

ArtofStarving, bitch!!!


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