New Modest Mouse Meets With Approval: Mine

The masses have spoken. (In this cases masses being, well: me)

The new Modest Mouse CD doesn’t only not suck, it’s pretty damn good.

Check out their myspace, if you do the myspace thing.

I wasn’t a big fan of Good News For People Who Love Bad News and after a listen or two I had written this album off too, but I finally listened to it in the proper context for a Modest Mouse record, on a long road trip.

Lyrically, Issack Brock is not at the top of his game, but vocally he has it all working on this album. The yelping. The guttural moans. The mournful crooning. Once I got passed the idea that he’s not pushing his poetry to the points of The Moon and Antarctica, and that it’s more about the melody now, I really got into it.

The guitar does a lot of talking on this album.

For an excellent review of We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, check out pitchfork.

In this recent spate of Indie Rock releases from high profile acts, Clap Your Hands, The Arcade Fire, The Shins, it makes me happy that the old champs came through and showed all these upstarts how to make powerful, entertaining, original rock and fucking roll.

They’re coming through town and playing the Greek Theater on my wife’s and I anniversary. Now that Issack has taken to self-mutiliation on stage it might make the perfect romantic evening for the two of us.

Here’s the brooding genius with a fan.

(note: I stole this from their Myspace page – it was just too adorable)

I’m excited to have another good Modest Mouse album to influence the next couple of months of my life. It makes me happy. They are one of those bands – If you like them, you fall in love with them. You obsess over the album and listen to it over and over, picking up new little gems like:

So we carry all the groceries in
while hauling out the trash
and if this doesn’t make us motionless
I do not know what can

Establishing themselves as a band for imaginative videos, this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s their new single Dashboard. Be a good mew-media participant and give it a listen, or, er, a watch… both actually.


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