1995 Raps From Yours Truly

Goin’ Down Memory Lane

Here’s a rap from 95.

In the beginning wolves dressed like sheep

jump thru your sleep

a little troll strolled grinning

Sunday was his one day to rest

everyday raise the sun in the east

set that shit in the west

straightjackets for all the priests

that reach deep

into shallow pockets

for the church basket deposit

my sermon

blowing up like the worm in


from B of A to Wells Fargo

ain’t no playa like me

like the one I see

in the mirror the picture is clearer

when you look through my eyes

I bet ya ya retina

don’t get redda than mine

go find

someone to explain it

when I rain it

should be


but you can’t even see me

at the Giffith Observatory

perhaps in purgatory

our raps will be


but with my wise old wisdom

I won’t be leaving

a 2000 year old rapper

meditating in a carcas city

in ancient cement

leaving dents

in mental content

Woolzee — 1995

  • Representative of the JFS Crew

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