Pondering the 80’s

You can change the world. We can do it together.

If we dare to try.

We’re capable of impossible, fantastically incredible feats. The ability for one person to make a difference has been a core component of my generation.
I am a child of the 80’s.

We are dreamers.

I grew up on tales of individuals single handily accomplishing great things with nothing but bold ambition and some mousse.

Defying physics and travelling in time.

Saving their town by discovering pirate treasure.

And more sinsiterly, saving America from Communisim.

On a related note, the Academy Awards were on last night.

The Departed won of course.

Everyone felt good for Martin Scorcese. He finally got his little statue. But Jack Nicholson was the star of the show, mugging it up for the camera with his shiny, bald dome. Acting like he owned the place.

I heard that there is a special secret room at the Staples Center for Jack to smoke weed at halftime. I’m convinced that’s why he’s always wearing shades and grinning like the Cheshire cat. He’s higher than a bird.

It might be fair to say that Jack is unofficially the coolest man in America.

I bet he could call up George at 2 am all drunk and tell him he’s crashing in Lincoln’s bedroom for the night and Georgy would send a limo.

The man’s got game like that.

Still, I miss the geekiness of the cinema of my youth.

The camp.

Every movie out now gets bloodier and more depressing or maybe I’m getting older and more squeamish but I miss those silly, corny flicks of yonder years.

Why were 80’s movies so gloriously cheesy?

I don’t know. Let’s ponder it together.


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