Mr. Fartypants Doesn’t Have to Hide No More

Have you ever had an idea, an invention you might say, and you knew it supplied a giant need, and seemed simple enough to produce; but the pure silliness of it prevented you from thinking further about it, you might have laughed and then forgot all about it?

Well, amid my great Internet exploration, my daily wanderings, browsing, infiltrating, dissecting, and digesting – basically farting around – I came across one of my past ideas and was delighted to find that it is now finding actualization.

Mankind will never be the same.

From Ananova:

A US underwear manufacturer has invented pants designed to hide the smell of farts.

The Under-Ease pants have an in-built multi-layered, replaceable filter, made of felt, charcoal and fibreglass wool.

To prevent gases escaping without passing through it, the underpants are made from air-tight fabric and completely sealed with elastic around the waistband and legs.

Under-Tec president and inventor Buck Weimer said: “Under-Ease are underwear for protection against bad human gas.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, well then it was just a matter of time until these came along. The world had suffered from cut cheese for too long.

Finally the world’s greatest minds got together and found a solution.

My only complaint is these just hold the gas inside like a baby diaper. I always imagined my pair of fart-proof underwear releasing a potpourri scent. Say you drop a burrito bomb, a co-worker might sniff the air and say, “do you smell pine?”

Despite the inherent humor involved in such an invention there are probably a lot of older folks out there and unlucky people suffering from ailments that cause them to unintentional crop-dust supermarkets and shopping malls. It’s not their fault. They’re not rude teenagers trying to prove a mentally stunted point, their insides just don’t work quite right.

Skip the embarrassment, no need to blame it on the dog anymore: Gas-Eaters are here!

They’re offering a 50% percent off coupon on their website.

The underwear are $25 dollars apiece and a replacement filter is only ten bucks, a small price to pay for clean air.

Get yours today!


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