Not a Puppy?

This is is some sick shit, no doubt.

ATLANTA (AP) — Two teenagers accused of duct-taping a puppy’s snout and paws and cooking the animal alive in an oven pleaded guilty Friday to animal cruelty and other offenses.

But I found myself more horrified that it was a 3-month old puppy and not some old mangy stray with lungs showing and his tongue lolling out of its mouth delieriously. Not that that would be acceptable, just more understandable. No, this was a 3-month old puppy. A warm-nosed, furry, bundle of cuteness.

One of these guys.

This brings up the question that religion and philosophy has tried to solve for thousands of years: what is the nature of evil?

Certainly Hilter was evil.

Jim Jones.

Same for any kids that cook puppies.

John Wayne Gacy was evil, but at the same time he was friendly with all his neighbors and even volunteered his time dressing as a clown to entertain little kids. He was considered a nice guy until they discovered 21 bodies lying beneath his floorboards.

But I have a feeling Gacy killed a puppy when he was younger, that’s how it starts, they say.

That’s why there’s a new public service announcement campaign from SPCA LA that has aired commericals and plastered billboards all around town that feature an adorable puppy staring at you and the words: KILLERS AREN’T BORN. SOMETHING SMALL GOT THEM STARTED.

The idea is that abusing puppies is a gateway to serial killing. They’re trying to nip evil in the bud.

Back to the brothers in Georgia. Whether they were born bad, or faced a tough childhood that turned them violent, something in their souls made them evil, demonic. If you don’t believe me, here’s more:

The brothers then brought neighborhood children to see the dead puppy and threatened to kill them if they reported it, prosecutors said.

Reading stories like this I wish I had some explanation, some fancy historical reference against which to deconstruct this. I try to have all my posts wrap up in a nice little bow. A snarky one-liner.

BUT I CAN’T. There’s nothing to tie this one together and that’s the point. People just don’t make sense sometime. They do wicked shit. They hurt puppies. They make other kids watch. That’s the way the world spins.



3 thoughts on “Not a Puppy?

  1. i think it was rousseau who said something like this: “merciful god, where is your power? i see evil on the earth.” that was during the enlightenment, when people actually thought about these things – and wrote about them. big kudos to you for bringing it back in dark times. when i hear about sick shit like this – pure evil – i hope that somewhere, obscured by the blaring madness, there is something, someone that is purely good. and i hope the evil doesn’t immobilize them with fear. fight the good fight, brother. peace.

  2. Beautiful line:

    “when i hear about sick shit like this – pure evil – i hope that somewhere, obscured by the blaring madness, there is something, someone that is purely good.”

    I am sure they’re out there, just not on Drudgereport

  3. I don’t care what happened to these sick little bastards when they were children. Evil does not begin to describe what they did. The punishment should fit the crime. I would be happy to deliver it!

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