Psychics Were Wrong?

World famous television psychic Sylvia Browne, ala Montel Jordon fame, erroneously stated that Shawn Hornbeck was dead back in 2003.

Shawn Hornbeck was recently discovered very much alive. I wonder if she will call up the parents and tell them, “my bad.” The least she could do is send a card. I hear Hallmark has one for every occasion.

From the James Randi Education Foundation.

The Hornbecks had talked February 11th with Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams television show, where she informed them that Shawn was “no longer with us,” which means “dead.” She said his body was in a wooded area “about 20 miles southwest of Richwoods, Missouri.” She said it would be near two large, jagged boulders that “seem out of place in that area,” and she added that the bicycle he was riding when he disappeared, is in a dump “in another state.” As a result of Browne’s fruitless guess, intensive searches by hundreds of volunteers were conducted in the general area described by her, but naturally, with no success. Not even “jagged boulders” showed up, let alone the kid – until he was found and returned home on Friday, January 12th. He’d been gone for 1,559 days!

It shocks me that this woman sells millions of books and makes millions of dollars fooling the public. The audacity of her greed is astounding. I didn’t quite grasp the extent of her wealth and lies until I found this Fox article from last year, appropriately enough detailing her inaccurate prediction concerning the West Virginia mining tragedy.

Maybe you’ve seen the gravel-voiced Browne on “The Montel Williams Show.” She appears there almost weekly, dispensing advice and connecting viewers with their loved ones on the “other side.” She commands a multimillion-dollar empire from her home base in California, deriving her fortune from in-person readings said to cost $700 and $200 for work over the phone. Her many businesses are advertised on a Web site that touts her fabulous abilities.

Coincidentally, in the same article she makes this prediction about 08′.

Brown… just announced that John McCain would run against John Kerry in the next presidential campaign…”

Who knows, things could change, but so far I’d say she is off the mark on that one. Anyone with half a brain and a subscription to the Washington Post was calling Hillary/ McCain back in the summer of 06′. If that ends up the match-up, does that make Tucker Carlson a psychic?

Did he know Jon Stewart was going to call him a dick?

Some people would argue that a fool and his money are soon parted and whoever is naive and gullible enough to believe Sylvia Browne in the first place deserves to have their money taken from them. Buyer beware. Except in this case the state ended up footing the bill for her lies, a criminal case was hampered and thrown off track, and a family was dragged through an emotional meat grinder so she could make another television appearance and sell some more books.

She probably counted on the boy never being found and thus could never be proven wrong. She took a gamble. Luckily, for the Hornbecks, she WAS proven wrong. Odds are she won’t suffer, or even be held accountable. That wouldn’t make good television. Instead, the next time you see her on TV she probably will be trotting out some bogus proof of her telepathic abilities and screwing with someone else’s pain and hopes.

I’m sure she won’t be answering questions about the Hornbeck case.


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