Love Thy Family

Hey Guys,

Just taking a trip down memory lane. Wanna go for a ride?

This is me when I was just a baby. 1977 .

Cute kid. People ask me what happened? I don’t know. Got old and ugly like everyone else.

This might have had something to do with it.

Do you ever see clothes you wore when you were young and wish you still had that outfit? Like, how did I have more style when I was 4, than I do now? This is one of those outfits. Look at that fisherman’s hat, and the collar shirt popping out the sweater. I was fly in 1979!

They say most of your personality and intelligence is developed by the time you’re 5 or so. I don’t even remember anything before the age of 5. That means whatever happened to cause me to be who I am, whether positive or negative, is a complete mystery.

Maybe it had something to do with this wooden Indian?

My siblings, of course, also made me who I am; or at least they’re a major part of who I am. What would I do without my two older sisters and older brother? This is my sisters and I in Arizona, circa 83 or so, hanging out on some Indian ruins.

It’s only now that I’m older that I’m able to appreciate my siblings and love and cherish them like I always should have. Better late than never. My sister, Marti, and I are really close now. We’re on Myspace together. Love your family, that’s all I got for this post, sorry it’s not more profound.

I’ll leave you with one more vintage pic. This is Marti and I when we were young.



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